Nov 3 • < 1 min read

Julija Ward joins Xapien as Head of Customer Success


We are delighted to welcome Julija Ward to Xapien as our new Head of Customer Success.

Julija has over 15 years of industry experience within Compliance, Fincrime, Business Information and Digital Onboarding Software. She has a strong background in building world class strategic partnerships, positioning a broad range of IT solutions encompassing registry documents, ID&Fraud checks, SaaS based software for AML/KYC as well as extensive knowledge of business intelligence.

At Xapien, our clients’ success and the relationships we have with them are our Number 1 priority, so we are delighted to have Julija on board to lead our Customer Success team. Julija’s background and experience in using open source information to address compliance and wider business challenges will be critical to our and our client’s success as we continue to serve clients across diverse industries from law firms, higher education, insurance, nonprofits and financial institutions.

She will be reaching out to all of our customers in the next few weeks to get to know each of you and your individual challenges and goals. Please feel free to reach out to Julija, or any of the rest of the team in the meantime either by using the support email or by contacting Julija.

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