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Due diligence on international partnerships in under 15 minutes

anglia ruskin university

“Any new educational partnership whether it’s a full contracted relationship or a memorandum understanding, is run through Xapien.”

Dawn Taylor, Deputy Secretary (Compliance & Risk), Anglia Ruskin University

The challenge

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) faced challenges in maintaining a consistent due diligence process for international partnerships, which posed potential risks for the organisation. Due diligence was carried out manually, resulting in time-consuming efforts that often got deferred until the final approval stages. As a result, the university felt compelled to carefully evaluate the relationship, given the substantial time and effort already invested. 

Where Xapien steps in

ARU needed an efficient and effective due diligence process that depended on having the right tool. Stakeholders assessed five different solutions and exchanged insights. After thorough analysis, the team unanimously agreed that Xapien was the right choice. Key factors in the decision were Xapien’s advantages in terms of UI and reporting style, the business operation, and the overall robustness and thoroughness of the product. 

Since adopting Xapien, the team generates comprehensive research reports in just 15 minutes. This means that due diligence reports can be run, and potential partners can be assessed as soon as the partnership enters the memorandum of understanding stage. Xapien is efficient, thorough, reliable, and consistent. By leveraging Xapien, ARU reduces the risks associated with varying due diligence methodologies and makes informed decisions based on objective data rather than subjective assessments. 

The impact

Xapien has become the cornerstone of ARU’s partner due diligence efforts. Even at the highest levels of decision-making, the review process now takes only 5 to 10 minutes using the summarised flags provided. This streamlined efficiency empowers ARU to swiftly identify legal, regulatory and reputational risks, allowing the right partnerships to progress faster. The investment in Xapien is justified by the impact it has on securing valuable partnerships and safeguarding the organisation from misjudged associations. 

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“It took me hours to review due diligence reports — time I didn’t have. Now, Xapien reports take minutes.”

Dawn Taylor, Deputy Secretary (Compliance & Risk), Anglia Ruskin University

Achieving buy-in for due diligence 

ARU needed to secure different teams' commitment to due diligence and enable them to do it efficiently. The previous product they used had too many false positives, making teams frustrated and less willing to use it. Now, with Xapien, colleagues are using the solution regularly with a growing awareness of the value of due diligence.  

Ensuring a third party matches the university's values  

ARU uses Xapien to ensure that third-party partners align with our core values. By running a Xapien report on an individual or company, ARU can identify misalignment of values within minutes. 

Protecting Anglia Ruskin’s integrity   

ARU conducts Xapien assessments early in their partnership considerations with other education providers. These assessments generate reports within 30 minutes, highlighting key risks. In some cases, this prompt evaluation has led ARU to abandon proposals before significant resources were committed, safeguarding their reputation and financial well-being. 

Xapien streamlines 
due diligence

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