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Firms trust Xapien as their first line of defence

Does compliance block deal flow?

Investors, deals, and opportunities are left waiting while compliance teams seek answers to more nuanced questions.

Increasing scrutiny from consumers, investors and the regulator means this friction could intensify. Compliance teams now need to decide if they "should" proceed with an investment on an ethical basis. This requires deep contextual research, which is a slow and painstaking process.


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Your reputation rests on the depth of your due diligence.

The regulator, consumers, and investors expect thorough due diligence on every client and deal, leaving no stone unturned. Relying on traditional databases and surface-level internet searches isn't enough to answer these broader questions. However, full-scale internet research costs time and money... until now.

Remove barriers to increase deal velocity

Xapien is our first line of defence to catch risks early in the process."

Head of Compliance from a leading private equity firm.

Xapien is an AI-powered research platform that fulfills AML and KYC checks and delivers deep contextual research on any individual or organisation in the world in minutes. It provides nuance, at speed. 

Xapien integrates data from 0.5 billion corporate records, PEPs, sanctions, and watchlist screening datasets, and information from the entire indexed internet. Concisely written summaries enable compliance teams to answer deal teams in minutes, not days.

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Customer Stories

Dow Jones Risk & Compliance

Dow Jones’s Risk & Compliance team recognised a growing need for deep and broad due diligence on an increasing number of counterparties. But clients also needed their programs to be cost-effective while delivering results fast. Dow Jones wanted to transform the due diligence process for its clients.

By partnering with Xapien, they reduced the time needed to run a background check from days to minutes. The combination of Xapien’s groundbreaking AI and Dow Jones’s world-leading data set is reshaping risk management workflows, creating an additional layer of investigation that can be deployed at scale.

Together we are pioneering the future of risk mitigation, harnessing GenAI and other emerging technologies responsibly to facilitate smarter, faster decision-making.

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Customer Stories

Leading private equity firm

Given the scale of the team’s operations, they have always relied on technology to support themBefore Xapien, the firm used a different tool which would often result in more manual work than it saved. They would receive lengthy PDF reports that lacked interactivity and tended to produce false hits. The team had to sift through page after page, determining whether the information was relevant to the targeted companies and individualsThese reports typically spanned nearly 50 pages and made it challenging to discern what the direct risks wereThe result was a slow process and a difficult relationship with the first line.

The firm now uses Xapien to screen portfolio companies they plan to buy. The Xapien reports take 10 minutes to run and provide early insights on risks and red flags as well as highlighting complex corporate structures. This allows the compliance team to quickly confirm if a portfolio company is suitable for a deal, and get back to the first line far quicker. They are no longer responsible for holding up the deal due to extensive background research, but can provide rapid insights early on in the cycle allowing the deal team to make more efficient decisions.  

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