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Xapien’s AI platform delivers on-demand research on any person or company in the world, so you can make informed judgements in minutes, not days.

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Until now, comprehensive due diligence has been a manual activity. Database screening and keyword searches across siloed data sources take hours and lack context. Xapien reads and analyses online media, leak sites, corporate records, and structured screening data in any language. It delivers relevant, comprehensive results in minutes. 

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With Xapien due diligence is a proactive, initial phase in onboarding, delivering rapid insights into both risks and opportunities. Make well-informed decisions about potential relationships based on a comprehensive understanding, rather than mere compliance.

Truly know your customer

Too often KYC is a tick box exercise. Xapien provides the full story. Make complex, nuanced decisions about whether you should work with an entity or individual, and not just whether you can.


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Why Xapien?

Xapien is designed for due diligence. It interprets the world's knowledge for you, providing clear, actionable insights about people and companies. It finds the story behind the data points, turning complexity into clarity. It's not just about having access to information — it's about making sense of it all, anywhere, anytime.


Cut through the noise

Fluenci, our natural language processing engine, filters out irrelevant data from internet and database research, delivering precise insights and contextual analysis. No need to cross-reference or double-check.


Find what you need, fast

Xapien combines internet research and database screening. It delivers AML checks and contextual nuance in one simple, summarised report - in minutes, not days.


Seamlessly integratable

Accessible through any browser, Xapien requires no downloads, AI expertise, or technical setup. Simply enter a name, some brief context and press GO.

Due diligence for industries
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Customer Stories

Dow Jones Risk & Compliance

Dow Jones’s Risk & Compliance team recognised a growing need for deep and broad due diligence on an increasing number of counterparties. But clients also needed their programs to be cost-effective while delivering results fast. Dow Jones wanted to transform the due diligence process for its clients.

By partnering with Xapien, they reduced the time needed to run a background check from days to minutes. The combination of Xapien’s groundbreaking AI and Dow Jones’s world-leading data set is reshaping risk management workflows, creating an additional layer of investigation that can be deployed at scale.

Together we are pioneering the future of risk mitigation, harnessing GenAI and other emerging technologies responsibly to facilitate smarter, faster decision-making.

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Customer Stories


Griffin is creating the bank you can build on with an API-first, full-stack Banking as a Service platform. Compliance is a key offering so it’s vital that Griffin upholds industry best practices in its own third party risk management. It used to take at least a day to perform due diligence on every prospect, or supplier. This held back business growth.

Thanks to Xapien, enhanced due diligence on the directors of prospect companies and suppliers have gone from a resource-intensive one-day process to detailed evidence-based reports in under 12 minutes. The insights provided by the compliance team are shared with sales teams within hours, not days, so Griffin can get on with building a rapidly scaling business.

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Customer Stories


KaurMaxwell needed a tool capable of conducting thorough web searches to strengthen their KYC checks. While its lawyers already conducted PEPs and sanction checks, these sources are limited in scope and didn’t protect the firm from wider reputational and regulatory risks. But they have a small team and couldn’t afford the time commitment for a more comprehensive search. They need to build the business.

Xapien bridges the gap. In minutes, it surfaces information that would have taken days or weeks to sift through. This gives its lawyers a fully sourced and summarised due diligence report giving an upfront view of a client’s background and risk profile. This enables confident, fast decision-making on all onboarding decisions.

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Dartmouth College

Customer Stories

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College’s donor prospect management team conducts thorough research on over a thousand potential donors every year. This helps protect the college’s academic leadership, board members, and overall organisation from reputational risks.

The analysts used to use Google as the primary research tool and distributed lengthy PDF reports to committees which caused delays in fundraising efforts.
Now analysts use Xapien. They simply enter the prospect’s name and press go. Detailed, readable, and easily shareable reports are ready in under ten minutes. Xapien surfaces any potential reputational risks so analysts can focus on providing strategy and advice, and not just gathering information.

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Customer Stories

Zurich Insurance

Zurich conducts thorough investigations on Commercial Companies as part of their operations. The process involves collecting data from multiple records to validate policy responses and ensure accurate risk assessments. This used to be a time-consuming, labour-intensive process.

With Xapien’s AI-powered technology, Zurich’s claims investigations team gather comprehensive corporate information about individuals in 10 minutes. Zurich uses these reports to make quick, confident decisions about all investigation subjects, protecting the institution from risk.

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Lifeboats Case Studies

Customer Stories

Royal National
Lifeboat Institution

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution conducts background research on all corporate partners, trusts and major suppliers to protect the organisation from risks. Conducting manual research using search engines and databases can lead to bias in the results due to a user’s preferences and past searches. By using Xapien to conduct background research, the RNLI obtain unbiased results and uncover all the reputational risks, not just the first few pages of a search engine.

For example, the RNLI was looking to partner with an extreme sports safety equipment company. Manual searches didn’t find anything of concern. But then a Xapien search revealed several class action lawsuits in USA and Canada relating to faulty equipment. The RNLI didn’t want to partner with any company that didn’t uphold the highest standards of user safety.

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