Firms rely on Xapien to onboard clients in days, not weeks

Is your firm struggling with a backlog of CDD checks, limiting business growth?

When compliance professionals are so focused on the process, they lose sight of the risks.

Whether it's false positives holding up checks or manual research taking hours to complete, teams spend too much time on low-risk clients when the focus should be on high-risk.

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Xapien search and report

2,000,000 results, but no insight. 

It can take hours, if not days, to uncover genuine insight about a client from a web search. It then takes just as much time to write up those findings into something digestible. This leaves little to no time for the decision-making taken off the back of the research.

How legal teams use Xapien

Automate due diligence

A law firm faced a backlog of due diligence checks affecting business intake. The manual process took AML team members days to complete. Introducing Xapien as the initial step in AML checks reduced the review process to a few hours.

Assess suppliers in minutes

A law firm protects its reputation through thorough due diligence on suppliers and vendors. But detailed searching and analysis is time-consuming. Xapien enabled the firm to comprehensively review existing suppliers and assess new ones in minutes.

Support litigation research

A law firm strategically uses Xapien in legal proceedings to scrutinise other parties, including key witnesses and third-party participants. The reports provide important insights into potential risks, exposures, and affiliations.

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