Due diligence

Whether for new business intake, recruitment, or corporate transactions, Xapien provides rapid, systematic due diligence reports.


“Instrumental in giving a quick, strong understanding of individuals and their sanctions exposure”
Director, Dechert LLP

It is currently difficult, expensive, and time-consuming for organisations to gather meaningful and relevant information on individuals they do business with.

Xapien’s powerful AI re-imagines client intake processes and keeps law firms ahead of the competition.

Xapien’s simple-to-use technology finds, reads, and extracts useful insights from across the internet. Just like a human, but with incredible speed and accuracy.

In a few minutes it produces a comprehensive due diligence report that uncovers critical insights on your subject.

  • Find unknown unknowns 

  • Onboard the right clients, faster 

  • Increase value to existing clients

  • Make better-informed decisions, quicker

Compliance shouldn’t be a burden, but a resource. Get the full picture of your clients in minutes: Xapien them.

Automate your research

Xapien's fully-automated background reports give your law firm a competitive edge. Build rapid, thorough, comprehensive in-house research capacity.


What used to take 7 days now takes 7 minutes.

Online research and investigation can make or break a deal or case. Whether for litigation support or M&A transactions, you need to understand the stakeholders – their reputations, backgrounds and objectives.

Traditional online and investigative legal due diligence is either restricted to certain databases and sources, or outsourced and targeted at a select few individuals.

Xapien automates online research, enabling you to focus on legal strategy and decision-making.

Xapien’s AI reads and analyses information from across the internet – millions of corporate records, shareholder data, media, and news articles. It’s advanced disambiguation function extracts knowledge about your subject to provide insights on assets, affiliations, business interests, and networks. You receive a comprehensive report on a person or company within minutes.

Develop winning legal strategies: Xapien them.

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Performing comprehensive research is time-consuming, complex and requires painstaking attention to detail. Xapien brings speed, scale, depth and consistency.

How Xapien works

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Xapien’s simple search rapidly locates relevant data across thousands of disparate web pages and data sources.

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Our language processing algorithms extract meaningful knowledge from these, just like a human can, but at speed and scale.

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Our powerful AI engines continually interpret the ingested data, excluding false positives and further refining the search.

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Xapien takes minutes to deliver a clear, concise, and context-rich report, packed with insights and highlighting potential risk.

Stop searching.
Start knowing.

Search engines are great but they are only the starting point. Finding, reading and condensing the full picture is slow, hard, and painstaking work. Xapien can help.