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Webinar replay: How to use prospect research to mobilise private capital 

In the first of this three-part webinar series about driving efficiencies in philanthropy, we’re thrilled to be…

Webinar replay: How to pick the right compliance tools for your firm

What you’ll learn Who should join

Xapien partners with Provenir to empower more organisations with automated background research reports  

Xapien is thrilled to partner with Provenir on the Provenir Data Marketplace, offering hundreds of organisations access…

Webinar replay: How artificial intelligence can be applied to client onboarding

The public and regulatory mood has shifted. Law firms no longer ask “can we do business?” with…

Zurich UK invests in new AI and automation technology to combat claims fraud

27 June 2023: Zurich UK is investing in the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing…

Nick Morgan joins Xapien as Director, Head of Legal Professionals Sales

We’re thrilled to welcome Nick Morgan as our new Director, Head of Legal Professionals Sales.   Nick joins…

Webinar recap: From client onboarding to client selection with Pinsent Masons

Despite apprehension surrounding tech in law firms, the release of the Anti Money Laundering (AML) guidance in January last year shed light on the pivotal role of AI in streamlining client onboarding. Now, a shift in terminology from “client onboarding” to “client selection” has emerged, as discussed in our latest webinar hosted by The Law Society. In this recap, our CEO Chris Green and Andrew Cheung, General Counsel at Pinsent Masons, explores what it really means.

Webinar recap: Transforming AML compliance using AI with Pinsent Masons

AML compliance is essential, but it comes with significant challenges for law firms. During a webinar hosted by The Law Society, our CEO Chris Green and Andrew Cheung, General Counsel at Pinsent Masons, delved into the hurdles firms face while adhering to AML regulations.

Insights from our Legal Risk & Compliance Roundtable event

This week, a group of risk and compliance experts from the legal, financial, and advisory sectors came together for a virtual roundtable discussion on staying compliant in today’s complex global landscape. With regulations constantly changing, keeping up poses a challenge. But there’s a solution: AI and automation. In this blog, we’ll delve into insights shared by the speakers.

4 key learnings from the WSJ Risk & Compliance Forum 2023

On Tuesday (May 9), a group of industry experts gathered to unpack the latest Russia sanctions, data…

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