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Whether you're a small organisation or an established enterprise, our pricing options scale with you.

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You're a small organisation struggling to keep up with research volumes. How can you scale your research capabilities to meet growing demands without compromising on quality?


You're an established business with a combination of tools and manual processes. You know you could be more efficient, so what could fully automated research unlock for you?


You're a large enterprise with growing regulatory compliance and reputational risks. You need an enterprise solution that can keep up.

I'm a single user — can you help?

What's included?


Easy to share with colleagues using Xapien and external parties without an account.

Fair usage

Running more reports than estimated? We won't charge overages without your consent.

Customer support

There to guide you through your usage, ensuring you get the best out of the tool.


UK GDPR compliant. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Aggregation ensures searchers are unattributable. ISO 27001: 2022 certified.

Quick setup

Zero implementation costs. Log in from your browser and start running a report in minutes.

For everyone

Training and onboarding is included for all new users, anytime.

Xapien in action

Pricing FAQs

How much does Xapien cost?

Xapien is a subscription service with pricing packages based on team size. Just get in touch with one of our sales team to learn more. NB: we do not offer one-off reports or consulting services.

What data do you have?

Xapien isn't a data company (we get asked this quite a bit). We’re an AI company that searches, reads, and researches open source content from the entire indexed internet to provide comprehensive background research reports on individuals and organisations. We do integrate 0.5bn corporate records from international corporate registries, and data from leading pep/sanctions/watchlists screening providers, but we do so much more than that. We analyse and consolidate data from 35 trillion website pages - the entire indexed internet

Are there any integration costs?

Zero. Every team and department can perform powerful background investigations regardless of location. All you need is a laptop, Wi-Fi and off you go. 

How are you different to ChatGPT?

Generative AI technology alone can’t be used for due diligence. Xapien is designed for due diligence professionals. It researches and triangulates across structured data such as sanctions lists and unstructured data from the entire indexed internet. Data verification is built into the product through our multi-source approach. Our cutting-edge anti-hallucination technology adds a final layer to the reliability.

What's the difference between individual and company reports?

Nothing. Our subscription model doesn’t distinguish between company and people reports—each counts as a single report.

How quickly can we get set up

Immediately. We pride ourselves on our ease of integration with any existing process. Xapien is accessed via the web. Users will receive a URL with a link to the login portal, which they can access from any browser. Simply enter a password and you’re up and running. You’ll be able to run Xapien reports using your account and export or share them with other people in your team.

Get started

Get started Step 1

Step 1

Schedule a 30-minute call to view Xapien in action and discuss your needs with a consultant.

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Step 2

Decide on the right subscription for you. Whether you're a small organisation or an established enterprise, we scale with you.

Get started Step 3

Step 3

Log into Xapien from any browser and get started. Count on continuous support from our customer service team.

Get started Step 4

Step 4

Share Xapien’s fully-sourced, auditable, written reports with colleagues, customers and regulators alike.

Xapien streamlines 
due diligence

Xapien's AI-powered research and due diligence tool goes faster than manual research and beyond traditional database checks. Fill in the form to the right to book in a 30 minute live demonstration.