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Underwriting & claims fraud support

Xapien helps you quickly understand who you are giving a policy to, helping you to underwrite the right people and deliver a more profitable book with fewer claims.


“Seeing the product was a Eureka moment for us.”

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Knowing who you are underwriting is essential when quoting for a policy.

A cleaner book means that honest customers have a lower 'fraud' tax included in their premiums helping provide a more competitive market offering.

Insurance underwriters are very good at understanding the risks associated with different types of business and their locations. The scoring on these attributes have been refined over decades.

The missing link in the chain is the person running the company — understanding their background, the number of failed companies they have had, the business press reporting, the allegations, criminal cases etc. all add up to give a clear picture of the person and an indication as to whether moral hazards have been identified.

Xapien helps our insurance clients pull together corporate records, insolvencies, struggling companies and other corporate risk flags.


Deciding to investigate an insurance claim for fraud is a big decision – it delays the pay-out, which affects customer satisfaction. It is also expensive and time-consuming.

Setting the claimant in context, Xapien helps you identify their business associates, assets and pertinent risks across web and media content. We do this by locating relevant content, at scale. Our deep linguistic technology identifies non-obvious links through complex corporate structures and extracts valuable insight buried deep within text. We determine risk and provide quick insightful overviews to help you make informed decisions quicker.

As well as saving hours on every investigation, Xapien provides our clients with consistent, comprehensive, and reliable insight, accelerating their claims process by highlighting risk, early.

Just enter the name of your subject, provide some brief context and press Go.
Xapien does the rest.

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How Xapien works

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Xapien’s simple search rapidly locates relevant data across thousands of disparate web pages and data sources.

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Our language processing algorithms extract meaningful knowledge from these, just like a human can, but at speed and scale.

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Our powerful AI engines continually interpret the ingested data, excluding false positives and further refining the search.

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Xapien takes minutes to deliver a clear, concise, and context-rich report, packed with insights and highlighting potential risk.

Stop searching.
Start knowing.

Search engines are great but they are only the starting point. Finding, reading and condensing the full picture is slow, hard, and painstaking work. Xapien can help.