Insurers trust Xapien to fight claims fraud

In 2023, UK insurance companies lost £2 billion to claims fraud.

Are your claim investigations robust enough?

Investigating a claim is painstaking work. While databases and corporate records are helpful for tick-box questions, deep contextual research is needed to understand a policyholder's background. This work can take weeks. 

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Dismiss fraudulent claims with AI

AI quickly draws connections between millions of data points, so analysts can spot the red flags. More fraudulent claims can be dismissed, saving insurers thousands of pounds every day.


Gather corporate information in minutes

I run Xapien on every commercial claim. I love that I don’t miss anything."

Sally West, Claims Intelligence Analyst at Zurich Insurance

Xapien is an AI-powered research tool that puts claimants in context by uncovering their business associates, assets, and relevant risks.

Integrating data from 0.5 billion corporate records, PEPs, sanctions, and watchlist screening datasets, along with information from the entire indexed internet. Xapien identifies non-obvious links within complex structures and personal histories to extract valuable insights.

It summarises insights into concise sections, enabling quick decisions about which claims to accept and which to dismiss.  

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Customer Stories

Zurich Insurance

Zurich conducts thorough investigations on Commercial Companies as part of their operations. The process involves collecting data from multiple records to validate policy responses and ensure accurate risk assessments. This used to be a time-consuming, labour-intensive process.

With Xapien’s AI-powered technology, Zurich’s claims investigations team gather comprehensive corporate information about individuals in 10 minutes. Zurich uses these reports to make quick, confident decisions about all investigation subjects, protecting the institution from risk.

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