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Xapien is used to augment the work of existing analyst teams, enabling the humans to focus on the high value tasks of reviewing, assessing and directing onward research, whilst Xapien does the trawling, collating and extracting of relevant information upon which to make these decisions.

“Xapien is a very dynamic catalyst for getting to where I want to go.”
Fulcrum Diligence

The artificial intelligence behind Xapien is analogous to the thought process of human researchers, at scale.

Xapien can trawl through millions of corporate records, shareholder data, media and news articles and piece together a comprehensive report on the people behind a company in minutes.

Xapien works across the globe in different languages and different character sets. It works with different versions and presentations of names, nicknames and aliases. It performs a cyclical research process where it will investigate each avenue exhaustively.

Xapien consistently produces knowledge that you can make decisions on, backed by a full audit trail.

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