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Consultancies use Xapien to increase their profit margins

Time spent on manual research is your biggest expense.

Due diligence reports can take days, even weeks.

Open source research is time-intensive work. This has a direct impact on profit margins for risk consultancies. Man-hours are valuable and should be spent on strategic work, not information gathering.

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Xapien cuts through the clutter

Xapien gathers, filters, and analyses information from the entire indexed internet. It assesses reputational and regulatory risks before summarising them into a fully-sourced report. Reports are delivered in minutes, enabling analysts to process five times the number of due diligence reports, directly impacting profits

Now that we have Xapien, our due diligence process is more efficient."

Wil James, Partner at Hopehead

Xapien is an AI-powered research platform that generates a comprehensive, summarised research report on any individual or organisation, worldwide. It seamlessly integrates data from 0.5 billion corporate records, as well as datasets from leading PEP, sanctions, and watchlist screening providers.   

What sets Xapien apart is its ability to collect and process information from a staggering 35 trillion web pages spanning the entire indexed internet, including blogs and news reports. This information is then neatly summarised for an intuitive view of risks without getting overwhelmed by false positives. 

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Customer success story

“Xapien cuts through the clutter to get the information we need quickly."

Hopehead were using a variety of databases and tools for their due diligence process, but their team had to manually search the open web to piece together a picture of an individual or organisation. It was a time-consuming and challenging process, and there was always the risk they might miss something.

With Xapien's on-demand research tool, Hopehead are confident they've thoroughly searched through every relevant piece of information on the open web. What used to take up to 4 hours now takes around 30 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes to review and extract relevant information for the final report.

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