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What could you achieve with an automated research analyst?

Do you currently outsource research to a third-party due diligence firm, or does your organisation have an…

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The role of ethics committees in legal firms, and the need for nuanced insight

The Code of Conduct from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) specifies that ethical decisions when onboarding clients…

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What’s negative news screening, and why is it important?

It’s been slightly over a year since The Wolfsberg Group, an association of 12 global banks combating…

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How AI improves reputational due diligence

Performing reputational due diligence emerged in the 2000s… so why in 2023 should organisations be reviewing and…

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6 AI use cases in nonprofit research and due diligence

Opening doors to new donors, corporate partners, and research partnerships is easier than ever, thanks to the…

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Introducing a better way to perform background research

Our mission is to democratise background research. The explosion of online data has widened the scope for…

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