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What US nonprofits should consider when formalizing donor due diligence

This blog explores effective donor due diligence, and how it ensures donations align with your nonprofit’s values….

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Why your due diligence reports are falling short

Due diligence should be done before entering any business relationship. Whether it’s a potential investment, client, donor,…

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How a law firm merged Initial Due Diligence into client onboarding

A common challenge we often hear from legal clients is conducting thorough due diligence on all their clients and demonstrating this compliance to the regulator. 

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Donor due diligence best practices in 2024

Due diligence is often viewed as a necessity for organisations to protect their reputation. But it goes…

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9 AI background research use cases | Updated for 2024

Regardless of your industry, the question is no longer whether you need AI… but how to use…

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How automation can scale fundraising in 2024

Today, prospect research still happens earlier in the fundraising process, with due diligence left to the final stages. The challenge? It keeps prospects stuck in the pipeline. Especially since donor conversations can span weeks or even months. 

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