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Law firm’s guide to deep tech in client onboarding

Your guide to navigating legal compliance and conflict challenges with AI

The legal sector has seen a surge in AI-powered solutions. While legal teams are still testing their comfort limits with the technology, it’s clear that the impact will be far-reaching. 

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Mobilising online data to fight financial crime

Your guide to using AI in enhanced due diligence
and investigations

The recent information explosion is a boon for analysts and investigators. This eBook is your guide using AI to extract insight from that wealth of information.


How can you protect your reputation?

Your guide to automated and advanced due diligence

Information is shared, consumed and eternalised online faster than ever. Risks are high and due diligence best practice is no longer a 'nice to have'. It is fundamental.

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Xapien streamlines 
due diligence

Xapien's AI-powered research and due diligence tool goes faster than manual research and beyond traditional database checks. Fill in the form to the right to book in a 30 minute live demonstration.