Customer success story

Conducting KYC checks through a broader risk lens


“Xapien’s advanced search capabilities go beyond databases and information provided by clients, which ensures regulatory compliance.”

Mandeep Kaur Virdee, Founder & CEO, KaurMaxwell

The challenge

KaurMaxwell needed a research tool to strengthen its KYC checks. While its lawyers already conducted PEPs and sanction checks, these sources are limited in scope. Given the fragmented nature of data, its lawyers had to navigate between various sources, which was time-consuming and inefficient. To thoroughly understand a client’s background, they required a tool that could perform due diligence through a broader risk lens, incorporating AML screening data, corporate records, and open-source information.

Where Xapien steps in

Xapien's enhanced search capabilities provide the firm with a KYC process that leaves no stone unturned. With a clear starting point for research, what previously required five analysts for this depth of research now only needs one. In under 10 minutes, Xapien uncovers information that previously would have taken days or weeks to find. The result is a fully-sourced summarised report with an upfront view of a potential client’s risk profile. 

The outcome

Xapien's impact ripples throughout the firm, empowering its lawyers and junior analysts to make better-informed decisions. With Xapien, they can redirect their focus from gathering information to making meaningful decisions. This process upskills them as they concentrate on the strategic thinking behind determining next steps.

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“Xapien’s enhanced search capabilities are invaluable for KYC.”

Mandeep Kaur Virdee, Founder & CEO, KaurMaxwell

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