Customer success story

In 12 minutes, discovered a prospect had ties with conflicting industries


“Xapien saves a huge amount of time, which allows me to focus on prospecting.”

Ciara FitzGerald-Graham, Fundraising Intelligence Manager, Museum of London


The Museum of London has embarked on an extraordinary journey to create The London Museum, a new museum for London set to open in 2026. This is in tandem with their ongoing objectives to hold the definitive London Collection and fascinate every London schoolchild with the capital’s shared heritage. But all of this requires them to meet big fundraising objectives.

The challenge

The Museum of London has a small team of three who manage the entire advancement practice and only one person who is responsible for their entire research function. The Museum does not have a large existing pool of donors that they can leverage. They needed to scale the fundraising efforts rapidly, with limited resources.

Where Xapien steps in

Ciara FitzGerald-Graham, the Museum's Fundraising Intelligence Manager, adopted Xapien for her research and due diligence. With Xapien's AI-generated reports, she gets comprehensive due diligence results in minutes, not days. This saves her time and lets her focus on prospecting and scaling their fundraising efforts.

Bonus: Running a Xapien report provides the team with an extra layer of security that all risks have been checked, protecting the organisation from reputational risk.


The team ran a Xapien report on a prospect. Within 12 minutes, they discovered a prospect’s organisation was associated with a corporate entity in a foreign jurisdiction that had investments in a number of industries that didn't align with the Museum’s values.

Knowing this information upfront meant that the fundraisers could pause engagement with this prospect and focus on others that were better aligned with the organisation's values.

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“I definitely feel like it’s the right tool for us.”

Ciara FitzGerald-Graham, Fundraising Intelligence Manager, Museum of London

Key benefits

  • Comprehensive due diligence results in minutes, not days.

  • Protecting the organisation from reputational risk.

  • In 12 minutes, the team uncovered an unsuitable prospect.

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