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Identified a future risk, saving potential reputational fallout


Xapien helped identify a potential future risk and saved a great deal of potential reputational fall out."

Joe Forrest, Partnerships Researcher, Royal National Lifeboat Institution


The Royal National Lifeboat Institution conducts background research on all corporate partners, trusts and major suppliers to protect the organisation from risks.

The challenge

Conducting manual research using search engines and databases can lead to bias in the results due to a user’s preferences and past searches. The factors which contribute to this bias are evolving all the time... making it hard for users to keep up.

Where Xapien steps in

By using Xapien to conduct background research, the RNLI can be sure to obtain unbiased results and uncover all the reputational risks, not just the first few pages of a search engine.

For example, the RNLI was looking to partner with an extreme sports safety equipment company. Initial searches didn’t find anything of concern. But then a Partnerships Researcher ran a Xapien report and found several class action lawsuits in USA and Canada relating to faulty equipment.

Even though the previous UK-focussed searches hadn’t found anything, the same faulty equipment was sold in the UK.

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“Whether it’s an individual, or a corporate partner, or a trust or a supplier, we now run a Xapien report at the start of the research process.”

Joe Forrest, Partnerships Researcher, Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Key benefits

  • The Royal National Lifeboat Institution gathers unbiased results and uncovers all the reputational risks

  • Avoids reputational fall out with the help of a Xapien report

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