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Xapien is a category leader in Chartis’s 2022 Entity Management and Analytics report

5 minute read

We’re delighted to announce that Xapien has been named a category leader in Chartis’s 2022 Entity Management and Analytics report.

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ESG in private equity

How investors can minimise ESG risk with AI

7 minute read

ESG is now an important driver of value creation that firms making investment decisions of all sizes need to assess holistically.

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Demystifying sanctions

The what, the why and the how.

5 minute read

Organisations are having to scramble to comply with the largest package of sanctions ever imposed against a G20 nation. Find out all you need to know.

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Lost in search? Search tips by Xapien

5 minute read

How can you make sure you’re saving time, not wasting time when using search engines for background research?

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Enhanced due diligence at rapidly scaling fintech startup, Griffin

A Xapien success story

4 minute read

Investigations were reduced from an average of one day to 12 minutes for data gathering, allowing the Griffin compliance team to analyse and give an all clear, or not, within the hour.


“He killed it out on the basketball court!”

The challenges of using search engines for adverse media screening (AMS)

6 minute read

Using search engines to screen adverse media is time-consuming, inefficient and inconsistent. Find out how technology can help.

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Joseph, José or Giuseppe?

The challenge of matching names across languages

6 minute read

Traditional research methods could be giving you a blindspot in your investigations into international names.


How AI can transform your supply chain due diligence

Supply chain due diligence is now a corporate necessity

5 minute read

Conscientious consumers, investors and employees, plus globalised supply chains and enhanced regulations have made it vital to know who you are in business with.

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