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Reputations take centuries to build, but just one headline to destroy. How are you protecting yours? 

Now, more than ever, universities need to know who they're accepting gifts from.

Under the gaze of the media and activist stakeholders, knowing donors from the start is vital. But to really know a donor means to know their associations, interests, and reputation. Screening data alone can’t provide this insight.

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Insights come from deep research, not surface-level searches

Knowing a donor is more than just their sanctions exposure. You need to know if they have ties to industries and associates that don’t align with your and your stakeholder’s values and ESG priorities. But that means filtering through thousands of search engine results. And with fundraising goals to meet, time is a luxury neither you nor your fundraisers can afford. 

Protect your reputation with Xapien

Xapien has become a crucial part of our due diligence process

Stephen Kehoe, Research Manager at the University of Liverpool

Xapien doesn't stop at databases. It combs the entire indexed internet to deliver concise reports on individuals or companies worldwide. It casts a wide lens on potential donors – sorting their comprehensive risks from sanctions to allegations, corporate structures to key associates, and their wider online reputation. Its succinct reporting untangles the web of information, revealing deep insights instead of surface-level responses. 

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Customer success story

Xapien considers all the things that would be important to us… which is not always the case with more generalised due diligence software.” 

The University of Liverpool's due diligence process was slow and time-consuming, which involved consulting various sources and databases like Companies House. Google searches often resulted in repetitive content with minor variations, leaving the operations team to sift through multiple sources to identify anything new.

They also found it frustrating to search beyond the initial pages of results, as searches sometimes produced different outcomes, raising concerns about search engine biases. 

Xapien surfaces everything they need to know about a donor in a matter of minutes. By automating the information gathering process, the team can swiftly advance more prospects through the fundraising pipeline. Since Xapien only displays results it's confident are relevant to the subject, there's no need for the team to go through every article. This streamlined approach enables the team to make quicker and well-informed decisions. 

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Our guide to protecting your reputation

Fundraisers are under unprecedented pressure to reach targets. At the same time, universities need to think responsibly about who they accept money from. Not all forms of reputational risk are predictable and preventable. But some are.

In this guide, we share due diligence best practices and how AI can enable universities to meet big fundraising targets without leaving themselves at risk of ending up on the front pages of the newspapers - for the wrong reasons.

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