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Experience due diligence, powered by AI

Xapien's AI-powered due diligence tool tells you everything you need to know about potential customers, investors, partners, suppliers, donors or applicants in one simple report delivered in under 10 minutes.

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We're a market-leading due diligence tool

Clean and simple UI Icon

Clean and simple UI

Say goodbye to 500 page PDFs to read and review. Xapien provides executive summaries organised into key sections with headers and bullets, all in one page.

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Excellent customer success

Unlimited support comes part of the every Xapien package which means ongoing training and proactive support every working day. We’re building the product you need so we’re hungry for feedback every step of the way.

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False positive reduction

Entity resolution is central to Xapien’s design. We provide the information about your subject and only your subject so you can act fast and smart.

Why Xapien

Faster than manual research and beyond traditional database checks


“A big part of your USP is your

Alex Nash, Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Griffin Financial Technology

One simple summary: cut through the clutter

Search engines get results - too many results.
Other tools get you information - too much information.

Xapien provides insight: one result with only the information you need to know to make faster, smarter decisions.

Great UI isn’t all Xapien does but it enables you to do what you do best. Users of other platforms end up spending just as much time extracting information from complex user interfaces as they would doing manual research. Xapien provides clear succinct summaries, with full sourcing available.


Go deeper and faster than traditional screening

Traditional screening relies on triangulating between different lists (WorldCheck, World Compliance etc), databases (Companies House, Orbis etc.), records, (Government registries) and false-positive keyword results (name your search string).

Our AI reads, categorises and summarises real-time information from across the internet and compliance datasets. We search for context, not keywords. It surfaces diverse risks translated from over 100 languages in one simple executive summary.


Faster, more transparent business

Traditional compliance is slow, painstaking work. This means relationship between sales & compliance teams is fragmented. For our clients compliance is no longer seen as “the business prevention department”.

Xapien-powered compliance teams are the business enablement department. They run Xapien reports to conduct “initial due diligence” on all potential partners or customers, investors , and deliver insights as soon as a name enters the pipeline.

Customer stories

from Ivy League to Magic Circle firms.



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