Businesses worldwide rely on Xapien to uncover ESG risks

Conscientious consumers have the power — and the motivation — to challenge your ESG performance.

While you can protect and uphold your standards, what about those you do business with?

Consumers expect transparency about how you operate, from your supply chain to manufacturing processes. This creates an increasing need to truly 'know' who you work with. It's no longer a question of can you be in business with a third party, but should you.

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ESG risks are nuanced and layered

Knowing a third party means having a fully-textured understanding of their background. Compliance tools that screen against databases can't provide this nuanced understanding. Only deep contextual background research delves into the story behind this data.

Gain early insight into ESG risks

In today's data-heavy world, manually finding what's relevant is hard.

 Xapien takes a different approach. In under 10 minutes, it scours through millions of corporate records, shareholder data, adverse media, and news articles to produce a fully-sourced, summarised report. It automates the analysis of large amounts of online data to find patterns and connections that show ESG risks. Until now, this has only been possible with a large team of analysts.

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