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What could you achieve with an automated research analyst?


Do you currently outsource research to a third-party due diligence firm, or does your organisation have an in-house team to manually find, analyse, and understand the vast amount of online information about your clients, prospects, and partners? 

Maybe you’re an analyst yourself. What if you could receive that report in just 10 minutes?

Enter AI—your automated research analyst.

Let AI do the groundwork

Gathering background research on third parties is a fundamental requirement for most businesses today, from both a regulatory and reputational risk perspective. 

The online insights available about your counterpart can be fundamental to winning new business, serving your clients with the best supply chain, or mitigating risks related to fraud and money laundering—benefiting both your clients and your organisation.

But this vast expanse of internet data has led to teams spending more time researching than delivering on those outcomes for clients. Consider the vast amount of information available online about even relatively “low profile” individuals and organisations—news stories, business reports, press releases, official registries, sanctions lists and more.  

It takes hours, if not days, to uncover any genuine insight about a third party. It then takes just as much time to write up those findings into something digestible and shareable across an organisation. This leaves little to no time for the decision-making and actions that need to be taken off the back of the research.

How much of your business resource is spent on actual strategy, servicing and protecting your clients… and how much on desktop research and analysis? 

Now, imagine using AI to do it—sparing you the expenses of a third-party firm or the valuable time of your team. With AI, your team can shift their focus to strategising the next steps and making faster, well-informed decisions. Whether that’s accepting a major gift or onboarding a new client.

Enter Xapien

Xapien is an AI tool that delivers fully automated research reports on any individual or company in the world. It searches, disambiguates and analyses risks and opportunities using data from millions of public sources. Then, it presents everything in a concise, summarised report.  

With Xapien, analysts don’t need to sift through millions of search results to verify if it’s relevant to your subject. They can skip meticulously reading articles to work out whether ‘he’ or ‘she’ still pertains to your subject further down in the story. Xapien’s machine learning models seamlessly connects these references.

What used to consume 5 hours of reading online articles can now be done in 15 minutes,  enabling your team to deliver more value by adding their strategic advice on top.

Let AI surface the risks

Traditional compliance tools use structured data from sanctions lists or corporate disclosures. But risks are more nuanced than that—they depend upon themes and patterns of behaviour. While datasets can give “yes” or “no” answers, they can’t provide a textured understanding.

Most compliance and research teams therefore do a keyword search on a search engine. But this can yield millions of ‘false positive‘ results that require interpretation. For instance, when an article features your subject alongside the word ‘destroyed’ in the title, your team has to thoroughly read each article to determine whether ‘destroyed’ is used positively or negatively

AI simplifies this process by reading the entire article and understanding its context. It then extracts and evaluates whether the risk relates to your subject. What’s more, it can store thousands of pieces of information in its ‘head’ for faster analysis than a single researcher.

Enter Xapien

We’ve trained our technology to understand the difference between words that might seem the same, but have different meanings depending on the context. Take the example of ‘to shoot hoops’ and ‘to shoot a man’. Understanding the nuances and complexities in these two sentences is challenging for machines. 

But Xapien’s AI can identify every mention of your subject within an article and examine the words linguistically associated with that mention. This means it comprehends the meaning of each sentence, such as when a news report discusses your subject negatively.

By automating not just the gathering of information, but also the analysis, your team can focus on developing recommendations for mitigating or managing identified risks by Xapien. The result? A 50% boost in your team’s productivity.

Let AI summarise the facts

The bulk of your team’s workload is consumed by the initial phases of searching, collating, and analysing information. However, the subsequent challenge involves turning these insights into succinct, summarised reports.

What’s the impact on your department and the wider organisation? Well, for nonprofits, this can slow down stewardship and affect the fundraising pipeline as research requests accumulate. In law firms, it can cause a backlog in due diligence checks, new business intake, and delays before you can start billing clients.

Enter Xapien

Xapien turns the information it gathers about your subject from corporate registries, compliance databases, news and media publications into human-like written reports. You can then trace each sentence back to its original source.

By summarising everything in a ready-to-go report, you can focus on your next steps, whether it’s devising a risk mitigation strategy for a new client or matching a prospective donor with the perfect project that aligns with their and your priorities.

What if AI took care of the above, tomorrow?

It’s not just a possibility; it’s a reality. As machine learning capabilities continue to advance, AI becomes an invaluable asset. It not only boosts efficiency but fuels revenue growth by removing limitations on business intake and reducing costs, such as hiring and training new staff. 

Xapien’s AI-powered platform with the latest generative technologies means that your team can spend less time on research and report writing and more time pursuing donors with a deep understanding of their capacity to give, or confidently onboarding legal clients to start immediate billable work. 

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