Why the UK’s strong regulatory reputation can accelerate AI adoption


The Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) focus is on the outcomes a firm achieves rather than dictating the specific methods. Their approach is to trust lawyers to make the right decisions without being overly prescriptive, so they don’t specify their views.

The SRA is keen to create an environment where firms can confidently use technologies for improved services while ensuring public protection during the development and deployment of these advances.  So, the SRA actively collaborates with startup AI companies, guiding and checking in on them.

With its strong reputation for high-quality regulators and a strong approach to the rule of law, the UK is in a good position to benefit from AI development. Legislation and regulations are technology-neutral, making it attractive for companies to start in our jurisdiction. Regulators, rather than viewing them negatively, are involved from the beginning, which is the right approach.

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