Where Xapien fits into the client onboarding process


When considering a solution like Xapien, the key question is where this tool fits into your current process. One major challenge for law firms is the initial research phase—identifying potential clients or parties involved in a case, and then researching through Google and other sources. This is time-consuming work, taking compliance teams days or even weeks to complete. It may also incur costs if outsourced to third parties. 

The benefit of using Xapien at the start is that it provides a comprehensive overview of a client from web-based information and compliance datasets. This allows firms to assess the extent of available information before diving deeper into more structured databases. Without this initial insight, it’s challenging to know the scope of due diligence needed. 

Xapien provides as much relevant information as possible in a short time frame, empowering users to make informed decisions about how to proceed with a client or transaction. Therefore, the ideal starting point for an AI tool like Xapien is during the initial research and analysis phase.

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