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How well do you know your international partners?

Internationalisation risks are dynamic and complex.

Overseas regulations broaden the risks of transnational education partnerships, leaving universities vulnerable to financial, reputational and security-related threats. Comprehensive due diligence is essential but can be resource-intensive. AI catches all the risksin minutes.

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Collaboration stems from genuine understanding

Due diligence isn't just about spotting risks — it sets the stage for strong, trusting partnerships. Having a deep understanding of partners is important for supporting the 700,000 UK students across international campuses.

International partner due diligence at scale

Xapien doesn't stop at databases. It combs the entire indexed internet to deliver concise reports on individuals or companies worldwide. It casts a wide lens on potential partners – summarising comprehensive risks from sanctions to allegations, corporate structures to key associates, and their wider online reputation. Its succinct reporting untangles the web of information, revealing deep insights instead of surface-level responses. 

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