May 13 • < 1 min read

Fintech Talks: Jessica Denny, Head of Comms & Marketing

Xapien’s Head of Comms & Marketing, Jessica Denny, recently engaged with Tech Funding New’s Fintech Talks series at the IFGS Global Summit in London, offering insights into Xapien as a product and discussing the challenges faced by females in the fintech sector.


  • Jessica talks about the industry trend towards partnerships over acquiring solutions outright following Xapien’s recent partnership with Dow Jones Risk & Compliance.
  • Current tools cannot provide comprehensive insights into counterparts, resulting in fragmented and disjointed information. Jessica explains how Xapien fills this gap by delivering on-demand, open-source, and compliance-ready research on individuals or companies in minutes.
  • Xapien serves various sectors, including legal, insurance, fintech, and philanthropy. Jessica talks about how Xapien is helping these industries drive down client onboarding times, streamline due diligence processes, and improve risk management with automated background research reports.

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