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Deep counterparty research for every litigation case


“Xapien comprehensively profiles litigation opponents, saving significant research time.

Mandeep Kaur Virdee, Founder & CEO, KaurMaxwell

The challenge

In any litigation, counterparty research can uncover case-winning nuggets of information. However, conducting deep counterparty research for every case was a luxury KaurMaxwell couldn’t afford. Failing to thoroughly profile opponents and all the different stakeholders involved meant they risked not finding those nuggets.

Where Xapien steps in

KaurMaxwell’s lawyers now use Xapien to profile opponents and third parties in minutes. Xapien’s AI triangulates between compliance datasets, corporate records and open source media to uncover business and personal associations that could be fundamental to the case. This has saved them countless hours of connecting all the dots.

The outcome

The lawyers at KaurMaxwell now have a competitive edge using Xapien. It enables them to conduct thorough investigations on every stakeholder with a comprehensive understanding of their history and activities, across different jurisdictions. This increases their chances of winning a case.

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"Xapien provides a great starting point for complex research."

Mandeep Kaur Virdee, Founder & CEO, KaurMaxwell

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