Aug 18 • < 1 min read

The need for technology in the fight against financial crime


“As the financial industry responds to new demands and prepares for the future – one in which alerts and their volumes outpace the ability of analysts to review them – advanced technology will play an essential role.”

The recent white paper from Fiserv discusses how the financial industry must utilise machine learning and data science techniques to create a sustainable model that better detects money laundering.

As the volume of available data is increasing at a rapid rate which ‘outpaces’ the ability of analysts to go through them, technology that automates the process of searching, collating and extracting information is essential in the fight against financial crime.

Xapien’s background research system does the manual work of searching through open-source data, as well as searching structured data sources like company records and Sanction and Watchlist hits. This means that analysts don’t have to struggle to keep up with the volume of data increasingly available on search engines. Instead, Xapien produces an easy-to-digest report which picks out crucial insights such as adverse media checks, wealth estimates, business associates and affiliations.

Don’t risk missing something on page 20 of Google… Xapien them.

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