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BWF and Xapien partner to empower clients with cutting edge AI due diligence

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We’ve partnered with BWF, the trusted partner to nonprofits across the United States and abroad for over 40 years, to enable philanthropic organizations to raise funds securely and at speed by harnessing our latest Natural Language Processing technologies. Our partnership is the first of its kind to help strengthen BWF’s commitment to providing clients with critical due diligence services.

“Xapien’s impressive advanced research capabilities will help BWF’s clients in conducting thorough due diligence—a process that is increasingly essential in today’s complex philanthropic environment,” explains BWF CEO Josh Birkholz. “We are excited to add this offering to our expanding portfolio of services in the due diligence space.”

Combining BWF’s expertise with our platform will help clients identify a broad spectrum of risks (reputational, legal, and regulatory), which are crucial for maintaining organizational integrity. We’re further strengthening BWF’s donor screening processes for clients, which will help ensure that all donations align with an organization’s ethical standards and compliance requirements.

Should a crisis arise related to a donor, BWF can provide valuable counsel in effectively managing the situation while mitigating potential reputational damage based on the comprehensive research provided by Xapien. Our tool’s access to information from the entire indexed internet combined with global corporate and compliance data sources will provide BWF’s clients with broader insights into international donors, crucial for organizations operating or planning to operate on a global scale.

“Partnering with BWF is a fantastic step for Xapien as we continue to establish our position as the leading prospect research and due diligence platform in the philanthropic sector,” says Xapien CEO Chris Green. “BWF is a pioneer in prospect research and fundraising strategy. Their adoption of Xapien will enable us both to better serve the diverse and complex strategic needs of our clients through the provision of unparalleled insight from Xapien and strategic advice from BWF.”

In addition to the collaborative work for clients, BWF’s upcoming release of its third Due Diligence survey will once again be a joint effort with Pyro.Solutions LTD along with Xapien, which is sponsoring the study. Previous reports are available at www.bwf.com.

For more information, contact Allison Gannon and Jessica Denny.

About BWF
BWF is a mission-driven for-profit company serving the nonprofit sector, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that ensures all nonprofit strategic, technical, and functional needs are met. Our mission is empowering nonprofits to achieve impact and imagine new possibilities. Structured yet agile services in the core areas of campaign and fundraising strategy, operations and technology, fundraising marketing and engagement, and enterprise strategic planning allow BWF to deliver on its mission. Clients include universities, health systems, arts & culture organizations, faith-based organizations, and NGOs throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Rim. As a truly comprehensive solutions provider, BWF has a team of consultants with extensive background and experience in every facet of philanthropy. For more information, please visit bwf.com.

About Xapien
Xapien is an AI-tool used by leading universities, colleges, and nonprofits for prospect research and due diligence. Founded by deep technology experts with decades of experience in artificial intelligence, investigations, and financial crime, Xapien delivers on-demand research for organizations seeking to truly understand their third parties. As student, consumer, donor, and regulatory choices are increasingly driven by values and ethics, Xapien protects institutions around the world from reputational and regulatory risks by helping them to answer the question, “Should we do business with this person?” and not just “Can we”? For more information, visit www.xapien.com.

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