Aug 5 • 2 min read

Dan Secretan in conversation with Innovate Finance


In the latest podcast from Innovate Finance our Co-Founder, Dan Secretan spoke to Rolf Merchant about macro trends in the business world and how the latest tools and technology can meet emerging needs. You can listen on the Innovate Finance website here.

Who should listen:

  • Other Fintech Co-Founders
  • CTOs & digital transformation leads
  • Heads of Compliance
  • Investigators, analysts & due diligence practitioners

What you’ll learn:

  • How to take advantage of the information explosion and data transparency.
  • How tech can help you transform inefficient research processes.
  • How to protect your organisation from the penalties, public backlash and reputational risk of working with the wrong people.

Some of the key themes Dan and Rolf discussed were…

The information explosion and its opportunities

Data transparency has fuelled the information explosion. This leads to more empowered and more conscientious consumers and more challenged compliance teams.

With the support of the right tools and technology, increased transparency is the answer to many of the world’s anti financial crime challenges

A changing definition of risk

‘Risk’ is now something much broader, more nuanced & more personal. This has been catalysed by an increasing awareness of ESG issues. It also relates to issues surrounding values and ethics in donor due diligence. Decision-makers are not just asking, ‘can we do business with this person?’, but ‘will it harm the reputation of my organisation to do so?’. We characterise this as the move from “can we” to “should we”.

Changes to traditional research processes

Traditional research is always a compromise. Broad but inaccurate and shallow OR deep but time consuming and expensive making it limited. Technology is only now available to go beyond search/look up tools, and really get to know your customer, in a few minutes. This is no longer the preserve of government intelligence agencies and sophisticated analysts, but anyone and everyone, with Xapien, a platform that is as easy to use as Google.

This enables our clients to go broader and deeper; allowing businesses to go further in onboarding more of the right clients, faster.

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