May 6 • < 1 min read

Every charity is at risk of media scrutiny


“Every charity is at risk of media scrutiny, no matter how loved they are by the British public.” – @BeckySlack, quoted by @RusselHargrave for ThirdSector

With the right due diligence process, however, organisations won’t find themselves weathering a media storm against their reputation.

Xapien identifies any potential risks associated with an individual or organisation: from legal proceedings to connections to extractive industries. Our AI background research platform unearths risks that could be hidden to a manual researcher. A damaging affiliation buried on page 27 of Google might be the seed of a media storm against your organisation.

With Xapien, all potential risks are extracted and presented into a comprehensive, shareable report, within minutes.

You can do the important work of decision-making, knowing that your donors, suppliers, ambassadors and staff are aligned to the values and conduct of your organisation.

“The point about a well-managed process is that nobody knows it ever happened.” – @AidanMuller

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