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From donations to philanthropy


Insights from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising Convention this year

In a post-pandemic world and with the cost of living on the rise, there are a number of challenges facing today’s fundraising community. The principal response to these challenges that we saw running across the conference was the move from small donations to philanthropy. There were several talks and presentations on how organisations can move from a primarily donations focused model to more of a philanthropic model. Broadly defined, this is the move to raising larger value gifts which can be put towards more strategic projects.

This has big implications for organisational structure:

Xapien donor research tools enables teams to make this switch quickly and efficiently. Our cloud based background research product can be rapidly integrated into any team or process, with no training required. It provides an all-in-one prospect research and due diligence solution which enables organisations to manage their risks efficiently and with confidence.

Xapien’s automated background reports provide a full picture of any person or organisation, anywhere in the world, in five to 10 minutes. Xapien’s intelligent, fully automated platform reads and analyses data from across the internet to deliver consolidated, insightful reports including flagged risks, wealth estimates, assets, and associates.

Our clients have transformed their fundraising process. With Xapien donor due diligence is now part of prospect research.

This means organisations can proceed with major gift and philanthropic fundraising on the basis of transparency and mutual understanding, and confident that the prospect’s past won’t negatively affect the organisation’s future.

Higher education is already ahead of the game in this regard, where the focus has long been larger, philanthropic donations. Previously raising philanthropic funds was a huge burden given the big research requirements on both the prospect research and due diligence side. This led to a world of compromise – quick due diligence checks leaving them hugely risk exposed, or deep due diligence that took days and limited the number of prospects they could run it. Now with Xapien, due diligence and prospect research reports are completed in minutes, meaning they can enter every funding conversation prepared and assured.

This frees up researchers and fundraiser to:

  • Run more discovery, which means a bigger pool of potential prospects.
  • Drive deeper relationships with donors on the basis of mutual understanding and trust that Xapien’s insight bring.
  • Take a more Major Donor Fundraising Strategy approach in their fundraising on the basis of the information that Xapien provides.

Want to find out how Xapien can help you make the transition from donations to philanthropy? Get in touch now!

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