Mar 31 • < 1 min read

How to comply with evolving sanctions guidance


As the world continues to respond to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, organisations are under increased pressure to do extensive due diligence on their partners, supply chain and clients.

To detect implicitly-sanctioned entities, and stay on top of those who may be sanctioned in future, it is essential to go further than checking lists of sanctioned entities. Networks and any potential association with sanction-related entities must be detected and mapped out.

Today’s complex regulatory environment demands more from your due diligence process. Doing this work manually risks being a major drag on resources, slowing down the course of business. Using an automated due diligence system has become an essential step.

Xapien uses only a name and one item of context to create detailed due diligence reports within minutes. This enables you to focus on onboarding and serving trusted clients, while protecting against the risk of breaching sanctions guidance.

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