Mar 31 • < 1 min read

How to do business efficiently whilst adhering to ESG standards


A recent report by The RepTrak Company: The 100 Most Reputable Companies in 2022 found that the public’s willingness to buy from a company increases from 20% to 60% when the company has a high ESG score.

This shows that the stakes are high when it comes to ESG. It is important to get it right.

However, while regulations are changing there aren’t clear metrics, standards or classifications. Existing ESG rating systems are known to have limitations. This can make it difficult for organisations trying to meet ESG standards.

Xapien can help by simplifying this space.

Our automated system gives you detailed reports on an organisation or individual within minutes.

This enables you to do business efficiently with trusted suppliers and partners, while adhering to current ESG standards.

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