Apr 12 • < 1 min read

Innovate Finance Global Summit 2022 – Data is Power


“We’re seeing the largest proliferation of data mankind has seen in the specific period post covid”

Great quote from the “Data is Power” panel this morning at Innovate Finance’s global summit #IFG2022

But what data are we talking about?

Organisations and individuals are more conscious than ever about their own in-house or personal data. Protecting and optimising this is a major and an opportunity.

But what about the rest?

What about all the other data that anyone else – journalist, customer, investor – might be able to find?

The explosion of online, publicly available data is a huge resource that has become essential when making investment, client onboarding, partnership or other decisions involving any third party.

Having an edge on gathering and understanding that data brings real, competitive power.

But data needs to be searched for, collected, verified, analysed, assessed and presented before it can become remotely helpful.

That’s were we want to help. Xapien automates online research, using and Natural Language Processing – coupled with vast cloud compute resources.

In a few minutes, it will deliver a concise, meaningful report on any individual or organisation, that highlights personal and professional affiliations, risks, and networks, set in context.

Simply enter the name of any individual or organisation and press Go.

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Stop searching.
Start knowing.

Search engines are great but they are only the starting point. Finding, reading and condensing the full picture is slow, hard, and painstaking work. Xapien can help.