May 26 • 2 min read

Innovation, Digital Transformation and AI at the London Law Expo


Team Xapien had a great time at the London Law Expo in Houndsditch! It was fantastic to be a sponsor of this lively thought-provoking event in the heart of the city.

Digital transformation, innovation and AI were hot topics at the Xapien tech hub. It was exciting to hear the insights from the speakers on how workflows are being reinvented, digital transformation during the pandemic is driving efficiency, and AI-readiness is giving law firms a competitive edge.

Some of the most thought-provoking insights were from the keynote speaker Hamish McRae and the CTO of Pinsent Masons, Nigel Tranter.

Tranter, in his talk ‘Digital Transformation in Law firms’, emphasised that digital transformation is most valuable when it does not create new processes, but instead replicate existing processes, in a more streamlined and efficient way. Machine-learning technologies, where automated systems are taught to replicate manual processes, can therefore vastly benefit the efficiencies and workflows of law firms.

McRae, meanwhile, commented that “AI will do for professional services what the production line did to manufacturing… It does the grunt work. You do the posh work.”

Our clients are using Xapien to do exactly that: the “grunt work” of searching the web, sifting through false positives, and reading results. This leaves the human analysts and lawyers to do the higher-value tasks, of reviewing, assessing, and making decisions.

In his talk, ‘A Boundless Research Resource’ our CCO Chris Green emphasised the value that automated systems can bring. He spoke of the transition from ‘Can we?’ to ‘Should we?’ in compliance, and in legal tech the need to shift from search to research. In years to come, Chris suggested, we’ll look back and wonder how the best are computer could do for you was run a search and bring back millions of results, expecting you to piece it all together!

It was exciting to be at the forefront of digital transformation in the legal sectors, and to be having these conversations about transformation and new possibilities.

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