Sep 23 • < 1 min read

Legal Geek day 1: Automating for efficiency


Day one at Legal Geek has been amazing and overwhelming in equal measure. Highlights and themes so far:

The business of making legal processes better.

We met so many vendors who are all looking to help automate processes through creative workflow solutions, contract drafting and e-discovery. But we didn’t come across anyone else helping to eliminate the grunt internet research. Publicly available information is critical to legal decision making whether for client intake or litigation support work. But the process of gathering reviewing and analysing that information is a drain on legal resources. That’s where Xapien comes in. We fully automate internet research whether for reputational risk, business development or counterparty research. All you need to do is enter the name of your subject, one piece of context and press go. In five to ten minutes you’ll receive a full background research report that you can use to make strategic onward decisions.

Tech isn’t always the answer. Before a firm jumps straight into digitisation they need to understand what their needs are and what the marketplace looks like. Far too many companies are keen to jump on the AI and automation bandwagon, without really understanding what AI is and how it can help solve their problems. At Xapien we work hard to understand our client’s problems before we onboard them so that we can ensure we are delivering the best solution for their challenges.

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