May 13 • < 1 min read

Next webinar: Preparing for a world with AI

Preparing for a world with AI promo

In our last webinar, Melissa Bank Stepno from the Helen Brown Group set out her stall that AI has the power to transform the role of a prospect researcher and the value they provide to their organisation. This included broadening the scope from Prospect Research to Prospect Development and Prospect Strategy & Fundraising Insight.

In part three, we’ll hear from Suzie Stephens, Founder and CEO of the Prospect Development Company, and Claire Miller, Senior Prospect Development Manager at Save the Children, on how researchers can prepare for this change. We’ll talk about…  

  • What prospect researchers can do to prepare for using AI in their role 
  • How AI could make prospect researchers more valued for their experience 
  • The skills prospect researchers will need to prepare for this change 
  • Why building new skills to use AI should be in their L&D plans 

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