Industry perspectives

Where Xapien fits into the client onboarding process

Nick Morgan, Head of Legal Professionals

Many law firms are asking where AI fits into their client onboarding process. Nick explains why it's advantageous in the initial research phase.

How the speed of due diligence impacts organisations

Chris Green, Chief Executive Officer

Traditionally, due diligence is the last thing you do. However, leaving it so late in the process can slow the business down when you need it to move quickly. 

How law firms are billing clients faster with AI

Nick Morgan, Head of Legal Professionals

Using AI allows firms to quickly onboard less risky clients, so they can get started on billable work more efficiently.

How law firms are merging Initial Due Diligence into onboarding

Nick Morgan, Head of Legal Professionals

Firms are realising that Initial Due Diligence plays an important role in shaping how to analyse clients and onboard them faster.

Why due diligence is a priority for organisations in 2024

Chris Green, Chief Executive Officer

The surge in publicly available online data and rapidly growing regulatory risk space means businesses must know who they’re working with.

Law firm buyer’s guide to compliance tools

Nick Morgan, Head of Legal Professionals

Onboarding clients is where compliance teams put their knowledge into action. But to do it efficiently, they need the right tools. 

Explainable AI

What goes into the disambiguation process?

Shaun O‘Mahony, Chief Technology Officer

We’ve developed algorithms that mimic the natural human thought process. This enables our AI models to think about how people, places, and organisations relate to your research subject.

Understanding disambiguation and why it’s important

Shaun O‘Mahony, Chief Technology Officer

When researching content across different online sources, you must clarify the main subject to ensure it's relevant to your person. This is a natural thought process for humans, but not for machines.

Industry experts 

How law firms can build guardrails around AI risks

Law firm, RPC

How law firms can implement practical safeguards to mitigate AI security risks.

How AI fosters strategic thinking in prospect development

Nonprofit, Helen Brown Group

How AI can help prospect development professionals adopt a more strategic role.

How nonprofits can build a business case for AI

Nonprofit, ClientEarth

How to build a strong business case for AI in nonprofit organisations, big or small. 

The UK's regulatory reputation can accelerate AI adoption

Law firm, KaurMaxwell

Why the UK's strong regulatory reputation puts it in a good position to benefit from AI.

Law firms under pressure from KYC to truly know clients

Law firm, KaurMaxwell

Why firms are under pressure from KYC to truly know their clients beyond ticking boxes.

Xapien streamlines 
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