Jul 27 • < 1 min read

OpenCorporates podcast: Do you really know who you’re in business with?


Customers, boards, the general public and other stakeholders increasingly expect that companies act ethically. But whilst you can protect and uphold your own standards, what about who you do business with?

The complexity of corporate structures and the explosion of information available makes knowing who you are in business with a constant challenge.

Our co-founder Shaun O’Mahony spoke to Shanti Salas at OpenCorporates about how we’re using deep tech and NLP at Xapien to overcome this challenge. Listen here.

Who should listen:

  • CTOs & digital transformation leads
  • Heads of Compliance
  • Investigators, analysts & due diligence practitioner

What you’ll learn:

Why it’s more important than ever to know who you’re in business with

💡 How to use the proliferation of publicly available information to your benefit

💡 The role company data plays in helping paint a picture about a would-be customer or third party

💡 How innovative, AI-based technologies, when combined with quality data, revolutionise the compliance professional’s ability to find red flags


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