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Partnership with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising


We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s special interest group, Researchers in Fundraising (RiF).

RiF are a committee of professional prospect researchers representing charities, educational institutions, and fundraising and research consultancies from across the UK.

Last month RiF launched the first ever Best Practice Guide for Prospect Research. The digital handbook is a hugely valuable resource for prospect researchers at all career stages and in all types of nonprofit and higher education organisations.

As a learning partners of the data skills and technical skills domain, we look forward to finding artificial intelligence and deep-tech solutions for the biggest challenges in fundraising and prospect research.

Prospect research, also known as fundraising research, is research carried out for the purpose of identifying and qualifying prospective donors and funding partners for a fundraising organisation.

Prospect researchers use a range of research methods and sources of information to determine the value of a funding prospect by establishing through research a prospect’s affinity to an organisation, giving capacity, and inclination (propensity) to give.

Xapien’s simple-to-use online platform delivers concise and comprehensive background reports on any individual or organisation, in minutes. Using AI and Natural Language Processing to read, understand, and distil text from vast amounts of online data, the cloud-based platform enables fundraisers to enter the room armed with the information they need to form valuable relationships, quickly.

“RiF’s insight from practical use of a range of prospect research methods and the challenges they face will be hugely valuable in ensuring that we continue to develop our product that best serves our fundraising customers.”

Jess Denny, Head of Communications and Partnerships

“We are delighted to welcome Xapien as learning partners for the RiF Handbook. Their goal of supporting strategic fundraising through data analytics and insight makes them especially ideal partners for the data skills and technical skills domain. We are excited to collaborate further with Xapien on learning and development opportunities around the Handbook, and we are pleased to have their knowledge and expertise to support us in this work.”

Chris Davis, Chair of RiF Committee

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