Nov 25 • < 1 min read

Podcast with Legislate: Protecting businesses against fraud and reputational damage


Our co-founder and COO Dan Secretan spoke with Charles Brecque, CEO and founder of Legislate, for The Legislate Podcast this week.

Dan discussed his vision of democratising access to high-quality background research, and shared the lessons learnt building Xapien and meeting the contractual demands of global clients.

Dan recalled that, with his background in financial crime prevention, “KYC always felt like a tick-box exercise … you didn’t really know your client at the end of the process”, but “the growth of online data has meant that you can truly know who you are doing business with. This is great for doing good business.”

Xapien enables business to truly know who they’re doing business with, generating automated background reports on any individual or organisation – within minutes. Our clients use us worldwide not only for KYC and EDD, but to understand their donors, suppliers and partner organisations.

To find out more about Xapien, you can book a free demo. The podcast is available to listen on the Legislate site here.

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