Mar 13 • < 1 min read

Roundup: 2023 CASE Development Services Conference


We were thrilled to sponsor the 2023 CASE Development Services Conference in Sheffield last week – a huge thanks to the CASE team for organising!

Over the three days, we heard from experts across the development services industry about prospect research best practices, due diligence processes and the benefits of technological innovation.

The conference was abuzz with discussions about the potential impact of AI and chat GPT on prospect research and development. Many attendees and speakers were excited about the possibilities that these technologies could bring to the industry. Discussions explored how AI could streamline and automate prospect research, while chat GPT was seen as a potential tool for improving communication with donors. We were thrilled to be part of these discussions and to show how Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI can benefit the development services industry.

On Thursday, our Chief Executive Officer, Chris Green, and Paula Alionyte, Head of Advancement Operations at Newcastle University, presented the Case Study Workshop: How to Scale Your Advancement Practice Using AI Technology. The workshop highlighted how Newcastle University have used Xapien’s AI research platform to efficiently scale their prospect research and donor due diligence. Paula discussed how Xapien gives their team the comfort and assurance that no stone has been left unturned, and that they haven’t missed any potential reputational risk.

Thanks to everyone who attended the session! If you’d like to test out any names of interest on Xapien and see for yourself how AI can benefit your development team, please get in touch with us here.

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