Aug 12 • < 1 min read

Top Natural Language Processing companies and startups


We’re happy to see Xapien featured in Best Start Up London’s recent list of the top Natural Language Processing companies & startups in London.

The companies selected were based on:

  • Track record
  • Executive leadership
  • Market share
  • Innovation
  • ESG rating

We’re delighted to be recognised for our innovation in Natural Language Processing technology.

At Xapien, we use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to automate the manual process of searching, verifying, collating and reading open-source information. This leaves analysts and researchers to do the high-value tasks of analysing and making decisions.

Instead of spending hours trawling through search engine results, Xapien them.

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Search engines are great but they are only the starting point. Finding, reading and condensing the full picture is slow, hard, and painstaking work. Xapien can help.