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Xapien is a category leader in Chartis’s 2022 Entity Management and Analytics report


We’re delighted that Xapien has been named a category leader in Chartis’s 2022 Entity Management and Analytics report.

We ranked Xapien as a category leader in our inaugural Entity Management and Analytics report based on its innovative approach to data collection, processing and analytics, especially its ability to meaningfully combine a wide range of data sources into a consolidated view.

The ability to perform this at vast scale and at speed is equally compelling – we view these attributes as being core to the direction the entity management sector is moving in.

Nick Vitchev, Research Director at Chartis.

This is a time of time of fast moving global developments and intense, evolving regulator scrutiny. Many organisations are now implementing advanced, AI-powered systems for managing and assessing the risks posed by the entities they work with.

However, there are many software solutions available, such as Donor research tools. All with different capabilities.

Chartis evaluated solutions like Xapien based on coverage and scalability, the range and depth of data, and the capability to enhance data with additional information.

Chartis’s category leaders combine depth and breadth of functionality, technology and content with the required organisational characteristics to capture significant share in their market.

Solutions are assessed on the completeness of their offering and their market potential. Xapien scored highly in both areas.

Best in class

Xapien’s coverage was commended as ‘best in class’, the very highest ranking available, for its ability to combine a wide range of data sources into a consolidated view.

Xapien is unique in being an all-in-one know your customer and due diligence solution that can be run on people or companies. It can process over 133 languages and collates all available knowledge about any entity from across the internet and commercial data sources. It helps organisations form fast, traceable decisions with confidence.

When you enter a name into Xapien, it is checked against PEPs and sanctions databases, news and media articles, corporate records and wider internet data from sites such as LinkedIn, Wikileaks, offshore leaks, and more.

Natural Language Processing identifies key networks and affiliations, enabling organisations to be aware of current and potential risks relating to any entity. For example, someone might not be directly sanctioned, but could be mentioned in media articles as a ‘close friend’ of a sanctioned person. Traditional sanctions checks would not highlight this link, but Xapien does.

Xapien automatically identifies assets, associates, wealth, business roles, descriptions, quotes and affiliations, then provides avenues for further exploration. The results are displayed in a single, shareable report, alongside their original sources.

Xapien’s scalability was commended as an ‘advanced capability’. It combines a wide range of data sources into a consolidated view that is useful for multiple operations and departments.

Xapien equips organisations with fast, easy-to-use insight that enable enhanced due diligence (EDD). Large or distributed teams can all access the same information and be confident that they are following the same due diligence procedures.

Xapien’s use of data was described as ‘innovative’. Its ‘vast scale and speed’ were ‘equally compelling’.

When a name is entered into Xapien, it extracts key events, sentiments and personas to create a ‘knowledge graph’ that links individual pieces of information together. The result is a rich and detailed view of the subject and their network of connection that is as nuanced as what a human researcher would produce, but available in just 10 minutes.

Xapien can attach facts to people and companies, identifying how they participated in events, where those events took place and who else was involved. Whether that event was a job, investment, takeover or marriage, it can set everything in context.

To learn more about how Xapien’s AI-powered search can help you manage entity risks at your organisation, book a call with an expert.

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