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Xapien partners with Provenir to empower more organisations with automated background research reports  

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Xapien is thrilled to partner with Provenir on the Provenir Data Marketplace, offering hundreds of organisations access to Xapien’s cutting-edge AI background research platform.  

Provenir has established itself as a leader in credit risk decisioning by bringing together key data, AI and decisioning capabilities to help power rapid approvals that drive world-class customer experiences. It has also earned industry accolades, including Best AI-Driven Credit Decisioning Solution Provider at Africa Bank 4.0 Awards and Excellence in Data & Insights at Banking Tech Awards USA, in the first half of this year alone.   

The Provenir Marketplace brings together offerings from data vendors around the globe into one, easy-to-use cloud solution for data consumption It offers easy access to data sources covering open banking, KYC, fraud, credit risk, verification, social media, analytics, auto, affordability and more. By harnessing this comprehensive range of data, businesses can enhance their decision-making processes in critical areas like Know Your Customer (KYC) and fraud detection. 

Historically, gathering information about individuals and organisations has been a challenging, expensive, and time-consuming process. Xapien has revolutionised this with its user-friends AI-powered background research platform. Unlike traditional risk and compliance tools, Xapien goes beyond basic watchlist screening, searching the entire indexed internet. It gathers, reads and presents information from across the web in an executive-level due diligence report, produced in minutes.  

Partnering with Xapien will enable Provenir to offer a new level of frictionless customer onboarding, for even the most complex of customers.  

“This partnership with Xapien will enable Provenir to deliver a whole new layer of digitisation into their customer onboarding process. The problem of gathering genuine insight from the ever-growing mass of online data has not yet been solved by most businesses, resulting in thousands of hours and spend being wasted on manual processes. Xapien has found a way to automate this which will drive vast efficiencies in businesses across the globe. We’re delighted to be offering this to our customers through the Provenir marketplace.”  

Geoff Miller, Chief Commercial Officer at Provenir

Through this partnership, Xapien will strengthen its foothold in the AML-regulated sector and enable more businesses to access fully automated enhanced due diligence (EDD) reports on individuals and organisations. 

“Partnering with Provenir is an exciting milestone for Xapien as we continue to establish ourselves in financial crime and AML regulated space. Provenir is widely regarded as a leader in the software and decisioning space for credit, fraud and compliance software and we are delighted to join their Marketplace to enable customers to access Xapien’s AI due diligence technology via the Provenir platform.”

John Cannon, Managing Director, Global Partnerships & Alliances at Xapien

Using Xapien’s platform is simple. Users enter the name of a subject, provide brief context, and click “Go.”. Within minutes, businesses receive an executive-level background research report, providing meaningful insights and context. These reports empower organisations to make informed decisions quickly, based on real-time information. Moreover, Xapien ensures transparency and reliability by fully sourcing every piece of information provided. 

About Xapien 

Founded by deep technology experts with decades of experience in deep technology, intelligence and financial crime, Xapien applies cutting edge artificial intelligence and natural language processing to deliver on-demand research for businesses seeking to truly understand their third parties.  

Xapien’s SaaS platform is transforming how the world deals with third parties. It enables anyone to know who they are in business with, a capability available until now only to organisations with significant resources.  

For more information visit www.xapien.com or follow us on LinkedIn 

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