Oct 11 • < 1 min read

Xapien selected for Tech Nation Applied AI 4.0


We are delighted to announce that Xapien has been selected to join Tech Nation Applied AI 4.0 cohort.

Applied AI is an exclusive network of the UK’s most exciting and fastest-growing tech companies that are transforming the world of Artificial Intelligence. It is designed to support the teams that are creating solutions for real-world challenges.

Xapien is a fully-automated research platform, powered by AI and Machine Learning, that enables any organisation to know who they are in business with. The real-world impact of transforming background research cannot be understated. These are just some of the challenges Xapien’s platform is being used for:

  • Fighting financial crime – preventing fraud and bringing awareness to dubious sources of wealth.
  • Helping organisations make better decisions about ESG.
  • Preventing sanction-evasion. Xapien’s background reports show networks and any proximity to sanctions or state affiliations. This prevents sanctioned individuals using their networks to bypass sanction rulings.

Our platform is being used across industries: by Financial Crime prevention specialists, risk agencies, insurance companies, law firms, and universities and charities to vet potential donors. We are using AI to transform the future of research. But, don’t take it from us.

“Seeing the product was a Eureka moment for us.” – Zurich Insurance

“Xapien protects academics, fundraisers and donors from associating with problematic prospects.” – Cambridge University

“Xapien is a very dynamic catalyst for getting to where I want to go” – Fulcrum Diligence

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