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Nonprofits rely on donations to sustain their work. How robust is your prospect pipeline?

They need ongoing funding to survive, which starts and ends with the ability to connect with potential donors.

From assessing current donor capacity to uncovering new major gift and corporate opportunities, prospect research is the cornerstone of fundraising. But identifying and engaging donors can be a painstaking task that's often performed manually using search engines and databases.

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Reactive research often leaves little room for proactive efforts. How much time are you losing?

For your nonprofit's work to carry on across generations, a more proactive pipeline-building approach is needed. But when you're overwhelmed with research requests from fundraisers, you're limiting your own prospect research projects and putting fundraising goals at risk.

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“This year alone, Xapien has saved me a month's worth of research”

Sarah Muddle, Prospect Research Manager at Sightsavers

Using Xapien as a first step in the prospecting cycle enables your fundraising team to enter every conversation with an informed understanding of your prospect’s background and propensity to give. Xapien uncovers key insights on individuals from their donor history to their institutional, professional, and personal backgrounds.

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Xapien is the authoritative source. There isn't anything else out there that does this so effectively.” - Sarah Muddle, Prospect Research Manager at Sightsavers

The Prospect Research Manager, the sole researcher at Sightsaversis responsible for all research and due diligence checks from the fundraising, media and celebrity teams. This research, whether it’s a quick review or in-depth investigation, would often take a couple of hours to an entire day or even longer.

Xapien has become an indispensable research tool, eliminating the need to dedicate entire days to research and enabling them to handle multiple research requests with remarkable efficiency and speed. This has resulted in quicker approval and grant processes and fostered better relationships with potential donors.


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