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From CDD to EDD: AI’s role in every level of due diligence 

Performing due diligence is time-consuming. Even when the time and resource needed is understood to be a…

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What law firms need to know about RegTech

RegTech, short for Regulatory Technology, refers to technology that solves the regulatory and compliance challenges faced by…

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Xapien recognised as leading enterprise KYC solution by Chartis

We’re thrilled to announce that Chartis has recognised Xapien as a leading enterprise KYC solution for 2023,…

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ESG in private equity: how investors can minimise risk with AI

ESG is now an important driver of value creation that firms making investment decisions of all sizes need to assess holistically.

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How AI can help organisations embed ESG as a core value

In recent years, the agenda for ESG initiatives has evolved. Not only have certain priorities become more…

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NSIA survival guide: how not to lose university research funding

Universities’ international R&D partnerships drive innovation and knowledge sharing, and the UK is at the forefront of…

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