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The challenges of using search engines for adverse media screening (AMS)

“He killed it out on the basketball court!” Conscientious consumers, investors and employees, plus globalised supply chains…

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How AI can streamline your client intake process

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the expanse of sanctions unleashed by Western governments against Russia-linked entities had…

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Lost in search?

How can you make sure you’re saving time, not wasting time when using search engines for background research?

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How AI is augmenting litigation support services

Almost one-fifth of UK legal buyers in 2022 believe digitalisation and the use of technology are strategic…

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What is Natural Language Processing, and how does it work?

Context, nuance, negation and colloquialism: How Xapien can read like a human At Xapien, we prioritise simplicity…

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What makes a fundraising tool a gamechanger for universities?

Automation helps avoid risk and uncover relationship-strengthening information.

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