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How automated litigation support is a game-changer for law firms

Automated litigation support frees lawyers from spending excessive time on repetitive tasks, so they can focus on…

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Tech glossary: Xapien’s jargon buster

A glossary of some of the buzzwords in the field of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence Every…

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How intelligent software is transforming legal client intake

Law firms are saving time and increasing efficiency with AI In this article, we dig in to…

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Why law firms need better client intake software

Due diligence on potential clients is a vital yet time consuming task for law firms. Using the…

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Legal client intake: how your firm can do better

As the question of ‘should we’ becomes just as important as ‘can we’ in the legal client intake process, AI helps firms save time and avoid reputational risk

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Joseph, José or Giuseppe? The challenge of matching names across languages

Traditional research methods could be giving you a blindspot in your investigations into international names. Research for…

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