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Our CTO on how Xapien is different from ChatGPT

Shaun O’Mahony, Xapien’s Chief Technology Officer, explains why Xapien is designed for due diligence.

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How AI can transform due diligence into strategic insight

In today’s world, figuring out if we can partner with someone isn’t enough. We need to ask if we should.

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How to use ChatGPT for due diligence 

How you can use ChatGPT for due diligence, where it falls short, and why you should consider using Xapien instead.

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Why law firms use Xapien to strengthen KYC checks

Law firms are trying to balance effective risk management with an efficient client onboarding process. 

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Legal client intake: How AI is helping firms do better

In the first quarter of 2024 alone, the SRA made over ten decisions on AML breaches, resulting in fines of up to £170,000.

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Xapien’s double award in Chartis Research’s Financial Crime and Compliance 50 2024

We ranked number 33 in Chartis’s Financial Crime and Compliance 50 2024 (FCC50), and won the Entity…

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